On-site measurements
Written by E.Tzekakis   
Τρίτη, 16 Φεβρουάριος 2010


General description

The Architectural Technology Laboratory of the AUTH has special equipment for the measurement of the noise level outdoors, in accordance with the requirements of the standard

DIN 45642:2004-06    Messung von Verkehrsgeräuschen

and of the European Directives

2002/49/ΕΚ Evaluation and management of environmental noise

2000/14/ΕΚ Noise emission in the environment from equipment for outdoors use

For the realisation of these measurements it is essential to check the conditions that prevail at the point of measurement in order to ascertain that the requirements of the relative standards and directives are met. The outdoors measurements are not included in the accreditation field of the Laboratory.

The outdoors measurements which are realised by the Laboratory concern particularly:

Traffic noise level measurement

Level measurement of environmental noise

Level measurement of equipment noise

Spectral analysis of sound and noise

Statistic analysis of sound and noise

The procedure of measuring traffic noise level, environmental noise, noise of outdoor equipment, and also the spectral and statistic analysis of sound or noise is relatively simple and does not anticipate specific technical requirements. All outdoors measurements are non-destructive.

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